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[About the Site]

This site was established in 1999. It was quiet, small, and held most of my artwork from various years. The domain pointed to 3 various online sites that I used for experimenting when I was still getting my certification as a Computer Graphic Artist. The name forever fallen was actually taken from a phrase in Paradise Lost, Book I, by John Milton.

"Awake, arise, or be forever fallen!"

Initially, this website was to include short stories, comics, images and animations pertaining to a story I wrote 10 years ago which I still believe is still on going and continuing as of right now. But for now, this site holds my portfolio for various artworks of Character Designs, 3-D imagery and various other 2-D elements. Typical screen resolution is about 800x600 to view this website properly. All forms of web browsers, I'm assuming, works well with this website. The site was designed with basic HTML code with little JAVA applied. I'm a minimalist. I hate clutter.

The site uses various fonts, from Ariel to Wingding. But one in particular is a font by Flat Earth called , "Caeldera"

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[About the Artist...]

Steven Pabalinas, "Digital Artist"Welcome, I'm Steven Pabalinas, 25 years of age and I'm a Digital Artist.

Great introduction, huh!

Well, I could go on about myself and how I used to draw since I was a little kid. But I’m sure you all heard that one before.

Ok, anyway, I dabble in computer graphics and other various forms of digital mediums. I hope to achieve quality 3-D art similar and equal to Final Fantasy and various High Quality works close to that type of quality! I attend the Art Institute of California - Los Angeles majoring in 'Media Arts and Animations' and I'm also a certified Computer Graphic Artist. I've worked with individuals and small organizations providing image manipulations for print or graphic designs. But because of the whole Internet downfall around 1998-2000, I became without a job and my network of people became smaller. I decided to become a full-time student and get a Bachelors Degree in the 'Media Arts and Animation' field. I am hopeful that I will be able to fulfill my dream of achieving quality work in Animations both in 2-D and 3-D.

I work primarily in Alias Maya, Adobe Photoshop, and Corel Painter. I am sufficient but not limited to those programs. I have used other digital mediums such as Discreet 3D Studio Max, Corel Draw, Corel Photo-Paint, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Image Ready, Adobe After Effects, and Macromedia Studio. I use whatever means to bring out my artistic talents!

Steven Pabalinas, "Mafia Enforcer!"......erm, I mean, Digital Artist.I am now currently working for other individuals, small productions and groups providing computer animations and such for their films. The latest production is the "Red Storm" by Asturmas Studios based in Los Angeles. It was a small 5-6 minute trailer to display our understanding of a production pipeline with a deadline of 3 months. It was greatly received as a great achievement and proved that our team was talented enough to tackle the process of production. The team had a family-orientated feel and we stuck to each other whenever someone was in need. I hope to find the same environment in the professional field, as I did with Asturmas Studios. They are a great bunch of friends and talented artists.

My aspirations are to find a job soon in the digital entertainment business as a well rounded 3-D Artist or Digital Concept Artist.

I hope to fulfill my dreams in creating high quality work similar to what I was inspired by.

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[Systems Profile]

Below are a list of systems that I have either built or paid to build. Along with the systems I also used a various other tools to assist me in production of my art. The more powerful systems are based off network and are used primarily for rendering and various digital artwork production.


Wacom Intuos 2 SE
Lightfoot Animation Table
HP Scanjet 5500c
Epson Stylus Photo 785EPX

The Bastard
System Specs:
Windows XP Pro SP2
AMD Athlon XP 2100+ (1.8Mhz)
2x512MB DDR Ram
40GB 7200RPM Western Digital Hard Drive
120GB 7200RPM Western Digital Hard Drive
8x DVD Drive
52x24x52 CD-RW Drive
Iomega 100 Zip Drive
Floppy Drive
Gigabyte ATI Radeon 9600SE 128MB DRR

The Blano
System Specs:
Windows XP Pro
AMD Athlon XP 1500+ (1.37Mhz)
640MB DDR Ram
12GB 7200RPM Western Digital Hard Drive
52x24x52 CD-RW Drive
Iomega 100 Zip Drive
Floppy Drive
ATI Radeon 9000 128MB DRR

The Punisher
System Specs:
Windows XP Pro SP2
AMD Athlon XP 2800+ (2.07Mhz)
2x512MB DDR PC3200
1x80GB 7200RPM Western Digital Hard Drive
2x200GB 7200RPM Western Digital Hard Drives
48x42x48 Sony CD-RW
Floppy Drive
ATI Radeon 9600XT 128MB DDR

Alienware MJ-12
System Specs:
Windows XP Pro SP2
Tyan Tiger K8W S2875 Dual Opteron Motherboard
Duel AMD Opteron 64 250 (2.4Mhz)
4x1GB Corsair DDR PC3200 Registered ECC Server
2x74GB SATA RAID 0 138GB 10,000RPM Raptor Western Digital Hard Drives
2x250GB SATA RAID 0 500GB 7200RPM Western Digital Hard Drives
52x32x52CD-RW/12xDVD Drive
Floppy Drive
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS 7.1
Nvidia Quadro FX 4000 256MB DDR3

Other defunct (Dead) computers I have previously owned.

IBM Aptiva, Intel DX2 66Mhz, 2X CD, 8MB Ram, 2MB on-board Video, 500MB HD
IBM Aptiva AMD K6 300Mhz , 56X CD, 64MB Ram, 16MB Voodoo3, 2GB HD

Micron Millenia Intel P3 450Mhz, 16x8x4 CD-RW, 256MB Ram, 32MB TNT2, 12GB HD

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All Images, Animations and Designs 2005 S.Pabalinas. Unless stated otherwise. All Rights Reserved.
Duplication, Modification/Alteration and Reproduction without the artists permission is prohibited.
"I do not take credit for someone else's work nor would I want to."